Michaela has always viewed herself as being different. As a child, she was bullied in school and had been tormented by others. Growing up was challenging for Michaela but through all the battles with depression, acceptance and medical let downs, she one day decided to be who she wanted to be. When she appeared on 'The Voice' this was her stage to show the world who she was and proud of it.

As children progress through the teenage years, they develop and form independent thoughts, which often conflict with ideas and concepts held by adults and peers. Through this tour, Michaela hopes to reach out to pre-teens and teens through her self-realization, offering encouragement, empowerment, and belief in themselves in order to pursue their dreams.

Highlights: Students participate in various ways, i.e Hosting, speaking, dancing, singing or play instruments. We videotape each show to share with students on social media. It's FUN and engaging!

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